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There are a couple of mini spinner baits that pop into my head every time I hear someone speak about light tackle bass fishing. These two baits bring back fond memories of years past and all out bass brawls on light gear. Perhaps no other baits are as synonymous for light tackle as the Beetle spin or the Road Runner. Both of these little powder kegs are spinner type baits. They may not be known exclusively as bass baits but both of these dynamos are definitely successful bass catchers and have been for years. They are inexpensive and available just about anywhere. I tend to use tiny braid with these baits. I also employ a light action rod that has a little give to it. I like setting up on fish with this rig. The braided line instantly telegraphs a strike and can wrestle fish out of dangerous places. The softer action rod helps throw the bait and the braid adds to the sensitivity you may lose with the lighter action rod.

Beetle spin

This little bait is a simple light jig head tipped with a small straight twin tailed beetle body combined with a spinner harness. It is a scaled down version of the more popular safety pin style spinner baits that are so common today. Fished on 4lb test and a rod with a whippy action Womens Jahlani Tavai Jersey , the Beetle Spin makes a devastating early season bait. Even in cold water, the beetle has a knack for producing tremendous numbers of bass along with a few good sized bass as well.

I fish the beetle on a homemade 6-6 light action Helium spinning rod that features a split Tennessee handle. I prefer 4lb test on a Tica SB500 reel matched with that rod. This sweet smooth little combo telegraphs everything the beetle spin is doing and transmits it back to me. The light rod is a blast when battling fish. For all around fun, you can't beat this set up.

The beetle spin is a year round bait. It will catch fish in all seasons. For me Womens T.J. Hockenson Jersey , it shines in the spring, the heat of the summer and again as the water temperatures drop in fall. The bait is available in a number of colors although I think that they for the most part are not all that important. I go with yellow or green on bright days and black for dark days. I concentrate its use around shallow water. All you need is a slow steady retrieve.

The bait is versatile because you can switch up the soft plastic bodies. There are many styles to choose from. The original beetle is a stubby plastic body with two small tails. You could use a panfish tube Branson bug, minnow or shad body or curly tail grub.


No Womens Kenny Golladay Jersey , this isn't the Hemi powered muscle car of the late 60's. It is a small horse head jig that can generate just as much horsepower though. This little spinner jig features a small blade on the under side of the head and a slew of different soft plastic bodies. From small minnow shaped bodies to the many armed Branson Bug or the tube like Turbo tail, the Roadrunner is a versatile little bait for light line bass fishing.

The bait will literally catch anything that swims, it certainly is not just for bass. ?You can't fish it wrong as long as you fish it slow? seems to be the slogan behind the bait. This little lure is very effective in the early spring. I use it on the same combo that I fish the beetle spin on. I tend to jig the bait along and use it more in deep water situations. You can reel it in steadily but I prefer to lift and drop it. I sometimes use it in areas where some anglers would slow roll a spinner bait. A recent introduction to the line up is a Roadrunner head that feature Gamakatsu hooks. These should be dynamite for hooking and holding bass more efficiently.

Both of these little baits are tailor made for small creek smallmouth bass fishing any time of the year. The baits simply get blasted by the highly competitive stream bass. If you want to have fun and catch a mess of fish Womens Jarrad Davis Jersey , give either of these baits some time on your next float trip.

Gear breakdown: Light Tackle Hail Mary
Rod: Kistler Helium LTA 6-6 Light action
Reel: Tica SB 500
Line: 4lb Yo Zuri Hybrid
Bait: 18 or 116oz Roadrunner Beetle spin

It's Okay to Say Business Articles | August 31, 2009

During a time of budget cuts and layoffs, employees look to you Womens Kerryon Johnson Jersey , their manager, for the critical information they crave. Before you respond to those answerless questions remember these helpful tips.

It's almost a waste of ink to say these are uncertain times. We hear it everyday. No matter what business you are in, you've probably experienced ups and downs lately and your employees are probably asking or at least wondering:

· Is my job safe?
· Is the organization financially sound?
· What does the future hold?

During a time of budget cuts and layoffs Womens Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , employees look to you, their manager, for the critical information they crave. The reality is that you may not know the answers to their questions. Still Womens Barry Sanders Jersey , your responses send strong emotional signals about your ability to lead under pressure. Before you respond to those answerless questions remember:

· We're all human and humans naturally have fears. Don't be surprised or take it personally if you are met with tears, anger, or other strong emotions. Everyone reacts in their own way during times of uncertainty.

· Tell them all you know. Hiding details or facts from employees rarely benefits anyone. And Austin Bryant Jersey , employees eventually find out the full truth. If you haven't been 100% up front with the details from the beginning, your lack of transparency will work against you in the future. Guaranteed.

· Admit that you don't know. Sometimes you don't know all the facts or all the possible outcomes. The best thing you can do is to admit what you don't know and let them know when you expect to have more information.

· Redefine your expectations for performance. Today you are faced with an opportunity to . Cheap Mens Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Wholesale College Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys